Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Chair of Te Kotahitanga?

Wiari Rauhina is the current Chairperson.  Wiari is the Trustee for Ngāti Moekino.

Find out more here .../tekotahitanga/the-organisation/

What is involved in the Settlement?

Our website has lots of information on the Settlement.  Go to our home page and check-out the various pages.


What is involved in the Mana Whenua process?

Please contact your hapū delegate to find out more about the Mana Whenua process specific to your hapū interests.  We are currently consulting with hapū on the design of the Mana Whenua process.

How long does it take to register?

Completing your registration form only takes 10 minutes but you must ensure you have all of your information ready.  It may take up to one month for verification of your form to occur.

Is there a time limit for registering?

No, you can register at any stage.

Can I register by Phone?

No, sorry you can't.  Please use register online, by emailing, posting or dropping off a completed form.

Can I register on a mobile?

Yes, you can just visit our mobile websote page.

How do I know what Te Kotahitanga are up to now?

Check out the panui provided on this website under Kōrero.  Otherwise contact your hapū delegate to find out more.