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Key Messaging for Hapū - Grants and Funding Projects

Overall Strategy for Hapū Projects.

  • The intent of Te Kotahitanga is to facilitate the targeting of Funding bids opening in February 2020 and closing in March 2020.

Strategy Rationale.  

  • This is based on adequately growing capability and capacity within Hapū in 2019.
  • This will ensure that we have more planning time and a higher quality proposal to submit in 2020.
  • This will increase the likelihood of projects being approved. 

Strategic Vision.

  • The strategic vision is to provide Hapū with the tools and technical ability to ultimately seek and manage funding for their own projects. This is opposed to relying on someone else to do most of the work for them. 

TKT Facilitation of Capability and Capacity Building.

  • Te Kotahitanga will be providing a structured programme throughout 2019 to progressively grow Hapū capability and capacity.

Hyper Links to Fund Providers. The links to Funding Service Providers are for the current 2019 calendar year. The information and application forms requirements do not generally change much for each calendar year. This information will provide an appreciation of the depth of planning and preparation that will be required. 

Capability and Capacity Growth Timeline Concept Model

Key Consideration Notes

  1. Hapū Operating Systems.  Several our Hapū do not yet have the funding compliant operating systems in place to apply for large projects as a legal entity.  This is a work in progress that we are all striving for during 2019. There are partnership avenues around this barrier however, it does mean you will have significantly less freedoms and more constraints in your decision making and project.
  2. Funding Dynamics. There are no guarantees to successfully accessing funds. The quality of proposals, national demand, geographic location, sustainability, overall growth potential, and national priorities create a dynamic environment in the final approval process.  A key component to this dynamic is the planning and preparation phase of a proposal. Capability and Capability for Hapū in 2019 will ensure that we have more planning time and a higher quality proposal to submit in 2020.
  3. What Fund Providers Focus On. The majority of Funding Providers will want to see;
    1. Clear linkages to sustainability, capability and capacity building within your proposal.
    2. Partnerships and demonstrated benefits to region and local area.
    3. The capacity to deliver a project, on time and on budget.
  4. Funding Application Windows. The majority of the larger funding streams open in late February and close in late March of each calendar year.  Given the tight timelines, the pending Mana Whenua process, and the pressing need to bridge the capability gap with our Hapū, the 2020 calendar year is our targeted window for proposals.  This may seem like a long time off for some of us, but there is a lot of mahi to be done by the Iwi and Hapū to get us there.
  5. Highly Capable Hapū. Notwithstanding the above considerations we do have Hapū who are already enjoying the fruits of their hard labour in developing their own capability and capacity building.  These fortunate Hapū are well equipped and business savvy enough to successfully manage funding and projects with little or no assistance.  We should be all endeavouring to ultimately emulate their efforts.   These Hapū remain an invaluable resource for guidance, experience and technical advice.